JobStreams Staffing Software Module

Job Streams Staffing Software Module

Job Streams Software Module from Bridgeware Systems Inc.

The fully integrated TempsPlus JobStream module securely automates daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.

Using our TempsPlus Jobstreams module, you can:

  • Automate daily repetitive tasks (print invoices, move checks to history etc)
  • Automate the consecutive printing of several reports
  • Perform weekending tasks automatically
  • Allow non-supervisory personnel to run "SUPER" only tasks as part of a controlled stream without compromising security passwords
  • Perform almost any function available within the Temps Plus program, including queries, searches, etc.
  • Perform many operating system related functions from within a Jobstream. For instance:
  • Run a report, move the current batch to the period batch, and print the period batch invoice preview
  • Combine several company codes into a combined database (using queries), compact the new database, and print custom designed reports from the new combined database
  • Print weekending reports, prompt the user for confirmation that all reports ran OK, close the printed invoices to history, update the current payroll (using a supplied cutoff date), change to a new company code any number of times, and repeat the process.

There are three levels to the structure of the Jobstreams module:

  • JobStream which consist of individual tasks
  • Jobstreams - which consist of more than one task.
  • Collections - which consist of one or more Jobstreams

All can be run on a single command! TempsPlus also allows Jobstreams and/or JobStream collections to be stored in individual files on the desktop or elsewhere in the system and executed by simply double clicking on its icon.

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